zaterdag 27 september 2008

The best baklava from Istanbul!

I love real good Baklava. The best in Istanbul you have to buy at Karakoy Gulluoglu in the Rihtum street, Karakoy. It is close to the Galata Tower.

See for yourself:

Grotere kaart weergeven

I met the founder, Mr Mustafa Gullu who started the shop and workplace in 1949. Since then not a single other shop was opened. If you want the best Baklava in Istanbul, you have to go here. No alternatives :D

Since I normally stay at the Moevenpick and it takes about 30 minutes of frantic driving throug the city. Cab driving in turkey is something that follows a few simple rules:
  1. Change lanes, just because you can
  2. Do NOT look to the cars in front of you
  3. Keep no distance
Being a passenger means you avoid sitting next to the drivers and concentrate on anything but the traffic...

zondag 21 september 2008

Most pathatic, hands down.

Of course picking on Microsoft has always been easy. Way too easy. So for me the laughing stock of this decenia has always been the inspired leader of Vodaphony and the AV bosses.

But MS has out done most of the attempts for gaining the top spot. Since absolutely no one wants or uses Vista, a low life MS marketing droid came up with the brilliant plan to show people Vista and not tell them it was Vista and record their happy feelings...Did not work, so plan B: get a well know dude to sell your stuff, that failed again.

That did not really work, so then they moved to the oldest trick in the book: if you can't beat them, copy them. So the market got a piece of MS interpretation of the fabulous "Hi I am a Mac, and I am a PC" commercials from Apple, but then done by Microsoft.

Now quess what? The stuff has been made on a ... MAC :D

Rock on loosers!

zondag 14 september 2008

Hurricane Electric roxs on!

Years ago I hosted one of my servers over at Hurricane Electric [still LOVE that domain!]. At the time a small hosting company with Linux knowledge and a heart on the right spot.

The interface to the company was, well, minimal. A simple page with no 2.0 features or 1.0 features for that mater :D The service was good, even with complicated stuff like mail hosting and DNS stuff they would always have s good solution available. At times the tech guy [Mike Leber] would even ssh to my server and assist, really hands on & friendly.

Now they are the most reliable hosting company in the month August of 2008. Congratulations!

They run the tenth largest international network in the world.

Might be a nice idea to setup a total ipv6 host there...

zondag 7 september 2008


de prinses voelt met een natte vinger
of haar strijkbout heet genoeg is
trekt haar kuisheidsgordel op
een beetje

haar witte ridder?
een rammellend harnas
een mannetje met jeuk

de prinses wacht
op de hitte van haar bout
tijd verstrijkt

-- Emma Klage