woensdag 10 oktober 2012


Vodafone Anonymous Customer Recognition


Gotta love 'm for it.

dinsdag 11 september 2012

IPv6 + google = captcha

Dear google, 

I applaude you for being one of the biggest and one of the first to permanetly publish quad A's. Really. Very gutsy. 

But since I setup my proxy [squid3] on my server [Tilaa VPS 3.2.0-30-virtual #48-Ubuntu SMP] with the latest and greatest Ubuntu 12.04, all my drones are being forced to out themselfs as human by your [admitedly, friendly and well readable!] captcha. 

Multiple times a day. 

Ubuntu has by default enabled the IPv6 Privacy Extensions [RFC 4941]. This is nice, and in my book something that is desireable, but with the captcha's poping up all day long it gets old very fast. 

 Google, would it be feasable for your guys to tweak the 'monitoring for robot access' script a little and check for robot access not on a per IP[v6] address but on IPv6/64's? 

 128 bits of thanks!

donderdag 31 mei 2012

Me like

A couple of tools I'd like to test drive: http://www.southord.com/Lock-Picking-Tools/Electric-Lock-Pick-Set-E500XT.html http://www.tweedehands.nl/hobby-vrije-tijd/handvaardigheid/gereedschap/klopsleutels-klopsleutel-slagsleutel-bumpkey-lockpick-110728211.html http://www.southord.com/Lock-Picking-Tools/Tubular-Lock-Picks.html While enjoying some simple music: http://soundcloud.com/eerdhuizen/recorded-live-woodstock-69-06 And I need a blokeersleutel: http://www.euroscooters.nl/advanced_search_result.php?keywords=Blokkeersleutel+&search_in_description=1&x=0&y=0 And then some...

maandag 16 april 2012

528140000468795 Thank you!

528140000468795 is my dog's chip number. It's a Staffordshire Bull Terrier.
He's registered in the database of NDG, and being registered in different other registars as Stichting Chip,

Currently the number 528140000468795 does not yield any results in Google. This post will change that.

zaterdag 7 april 2012

WiFi roaming on Android [Declined!]

It's an absolute disgrace that Google/Droid/Samsung/HTC can't solve problems like WiFi roaming in 2012.
I know Android is the poorman's iPhone but still, the pointing to the hardware by the software guys and visa versa is a major blast from the past. ICS shows little to no improvement for the hand full of devices it is available for [do _not_ get me started on the pathetic availability of ICS for droid devices!].

I will not even mention the 'support' for VPN.
Nor the malware-ized software.
Nor the pathetic 'choice' END USERS are required to judge and agree to about access to resources when installing software.
I have emerged myself in the Android world, putting all my iDevices in a locked box since 3 months and replace them with Samsung [tablets] and HTC [phones], and as much as I like the larger displays, the freedom to tinker, the whole experience has shown me one thing: Android with it's fragmented [per hardware manufacturer, per device] support and the silly fail to solve rudimentary issues like WiFi roaming [do not get me started on application availability across devices!], is just too olt skool to expose but the choice-less consumers to.
Within a couple of weeks I have hold up to my promise to my employer [a rather large telecom company] to at least give Android a shot, but I will celebrate the day my devices will 'just work' and I can focus on work rather then geting the infrastructure to cater for broken consumer devices. It has been a good experience, but only to fortify my expectations that Android with it's manufacturer driven 'support' and 'upgrades' is just not ready for business.

I've tried the Best Wifi app, with varying results.
Multi BSSID single ssid android
Picture from multiple sources [see here]

maandag 16 januari 2012

"niets is maar ik ben"

"Niets is, maar ik ben", ik weet 't.

Niets is, maar ik ben.