maandag 31 december 2007

ראש השנה

When I was younger I couldn’t wait for the future. What geek can? We all grew up on entirely too much science fiction; far more of which is now reality than I expected (other than the space program; hello? NASA? Anyone home?). Now that I get older I realize that while the future is great in concept, the reality is eventually I won’t be around for it anymore. Every year is a smaller fraction of life, and thus every year passes relatively more quickly.


vrijdag 28 december 2007

Happy new year, pr0n leachers!

Tens of Thousands of Adult Website Records Compromised

Sunday, December 23rd, 2007

A popular software program called NATS, which powers the backend of about 35% of all adult paysites online today has reportedly been in a compromised status for several months while the company that owned and manages the software did little to nothing to correct the issue, according to information obtained by ICWT. NATS is made by Freehold, New Jersey-based Too Much Media (TMM) and is used to provide a management and reporting interface that adult paysite owners use to report affiliate sales and earned commissions to affiliates as well as track and manage sales of memberships.

Muwhaa!!! Eplain _that_ to your wife :D

woensdag 26 december 2007

vrijdag 21 december 2007

Westerdoksdijk: here we come!

Het is zo ver: na jaren op de OdB gewoond te hebben is het tijd voor een nieuwe omgeving & uitdaging.

Isn't she lovely?

maandag 17 december 2007


toen ze haar BH uittrok
haar geruite rok
zich geheel had uitgekleed
begreep ik waarom ze het licht uitdeed


vrijdag 14 december 2007

Nortel rulerz!

So you have all the hot features like split second fail over and all that mother jazz, but your network stability with version 4.1.5 remains, well, far from desirable.

Because you are an important customer who spends a lot and is high profile and you have all these nasty blackholes & links that are being shut down, you get a change to come over to the heart of the provider's R&D to run your own tests on their testbeds, since their tests are "single featured" only and you, by design, need most of the features at the same time.

It takes a day or two before the agreed hardware configuration is finally ready, First minute you go start to work on your test plan... the 4.1.5 software fails.

Panic at the provider.
Developers are being called in.
Source of the issue determined.
Managers sweat.
New release build.
Calming phone calls are made.
New release silently tested by developers.
Next day first step of the test plan works.
Guess what: step two fails.

Fly home and have all sorts of important people fly over, do meetings, dinner invites and what have you.

After a month, the all clear signal comes and again you pack you bags, fly over, do your tests against all succeed.

Confident and relaxed you go out, have a couple of drinks and fall in a deep sleep back in the hotel. Next morning you grab your stuff, head for the airport and receive a phone call from your colleagues on the other side of the pond. They where awake while you where enjoying your well deserved sleep. Bad news:

The version [] you have put so much trouble in testing, has just been retired while you where asleep.

As I wondered about before, I do not know who uses this... product, but I do know who will soon not anymore :P

woensdag 12 december 2007

Forgotten Hope and the power of the community

The torrent link

saving: Forgotten Hope 2.0.rar
percent done: 93.2
time left: finishing in 0:00:33
download to: /home/mokum/fhshiit/Forgotten Hope 2.0.rar
download rate: 2922.2 KB/s
upload rate: 3928.0 KB/s
share rating: 1.9 (21346,5 MB up / 1123.5 MB down)
seed status: 56 seen now, plus 2 distributed copies (3:99.6%, 4:97.5%, 5:85.2%)
peer status: 24 seen now


maandag 10 december 2007

Dueling Flirting Robots

I wonder what will happen when one Slutbot happens upon another Slutbot. Does the chat action escalate until one explodes?
I can see it now, the total bandwidth of the internet is taken up by lovebots, idiotbots, dogbots, seniorbots, etc. all trying to talk to one another. It will make spam look like a minor problem.

vrijdag 7 december 2007

Nice weather

This kind of weather makes my heart jump

Salam Broeders & zusters
Zoals jullie weten wilt Geert wilders onze koran beledigen..
Stuur dit Bericht naar alle Msn Contact personen..
Door je contact personenlijst te downloaden en upteloaden ( Zie voorbeeld )
PS. Als je een grote MSN Contactpersonen lijst hebt? Kan het ongeveer een minuut duren voordat het geladen is!
Dus klik het niet weg, blijf AUB geduldig wachten.

Good guy as I am, I am always willing to assist. So with a little google-fu the query filetype:ctt "msn" really helps filling up the contact list.

Thank G*d for stupidity.