vrijdag 28 augustus 2009




SixXs tunnel, not native yet, how on earth is it possible that LARGE colocs still do not support native IPv6?
No AAAA record yet, how on earth is it possible that LARGE registars still do not support IPv6?
No native IPv6 from my ISP, how on earth is it possible that LARGE IPS's still do not support native IPv6?

Like John Curran makes clear, it has to be "the boy that cried wolf" syndrom. See for yourself:

maandag 24 augustus 2009

UPC throttling ALL traffic, not specific.

Of course QoS is important to the customer. I am one myself. I like getting what I pay for. I understand Internet traffic costs money and I am [willingly] paying for it. So when UPC decided to cut all bandwidth between 12:00 and 00:00 by 2/3 to ensure the QoS for all customers would be able to enjoy Internet access at expected speeds, I was a little worried.

Well, my browsing the Internet experience has not changed too much.

But what did change a lot was my usenet experience. Is : Download speed: 638.85 KB/s Was: [Avg-Speed]: 1895kB/s. That is drastic but expected, right? WRONG.

UPC is not just throttling Internet access, it throttles ALL traffic.

My traceroute [v0.75]
macbookpro-meij-net.local ( Mon Aug 24 22:59:35 2009
Keys: Help Display mode Restart statistics Order of fields quit
Packets Pings
Host Loss% Snt Last Avg Best Wrst StDev
1. 0.0% 455 1.2 1.3 0.7 14.7 1.5
2. 0.0% 455 4.4 8.4 2.6 34.3 4.1
3. p21161.net.upc.nl 0.0% 455 6.7 10.6 4.2 57.0 7.0
4. 0.0% 455 5.7 13.9 4.6 78.4 12.6
5. 10ge-upc.xmr16-1.ams5.as5580.net 0.0% 454 12.2 14.0 5.0 47.6 6.0
6. ???

My usenet traffic never hits 'the Internet', it goes straight out to XSNews. XSNews is my current [and good!] usenet provider. I hope they will resolve this issue with UPC.

maandag 17 augustus 2009

All your secrets are belong to us

Nifty site ;)

Specially when people use their GPS enabled cams

maandag 10 augustus 2009

Ze Frank in Amsterdam!

I am sure all who read this know Ze Frank and spent countless hours in awe and amassment . If you do not, shame on you! Go google the master. But do not take my word for it, read what Scot Trent has to say: "By the Keillor standard of diversity, intelligence, and talent, ze Frank sings, composes, has a depth beyond most of us and is more prolific than any one person."

So this week [Friday the 21st.] Ze Frank be in Amsterdam on the "Pluk de nacht" festival.

maandag 3 augustus 2009

iPhone + redsn0w == Waiting for reboot SOLVED!

It took me the better part of a full day, lots of google hits, lots of options, lots of everything.

First, make sure you got the proper files [# openssl sha1 'filename']:
iPhone1,1_3.0_7A341_Restore.ipsw SHA1 2afd3f8ede17390737f508473ed205506a0bd23f
bl39.bin SHA1 8ec565fe026d3f642dbe836c0fdc80f06844603b
bl46.bin SHA1 fd4825ffe5727dcc30e4c70dc78908838d498822
[not too many people care about these it seems...]

And the real solution was simpler then anything: While redsn0w shows the dreaded "waiting for reboot" screen, just unplug the USB cable and replug it. done. all fine. iPhone unlocked and updated to version 3.0.1

Thanks to iLeoMarc on the macrumurs forums.

zondag 2 augustus 2009

Not found by google?

There are some queries that google has only one answer for, some are here.

"mokum's iphone" is one. In the [faint] hope that someone will once type "mokum's iPhone" in google after laying her|his hands on my phone and trying to find the original owner, now you got a change. Contact me and I am sure we will work out a deal that satisfies all involved parties.

Having said that, I would like a moment to thank Apple, GeoHot & the iPhone dev-team for letting me and many others use this amazing device, with any provider -I- like.

And another one, while messing with remote syslog on OSX:
syslogd 31783 FS_WRITE_DATA SBF /private/var/log/asl/StoreData
FS_WRITE_DATA SBF /private/var/log/asl/StoreData 13 (seatbelt)