donderdag 27 september 2007

Bring it on!

Bored? Go find private tits :P

inurl:axis-cgi/mjpg (motion-JPEG)
intitle:”live view” intitle:axis
allintitle:”Network Camera NetworkCamera”
intitle:axis intitle:”video server”
intitle:liveapplet inurl:LvAppl
intitle:”EvoCam” inurl:”webcam.html”
intitle:”Live NetSnap Cam-Server feed”
intitle:”Live View / - AXIS”
intitle:”Live View / - AXIS 206M”
intitle:”Live View / - AXIS 206W”
intitle:”Live View / - AXIS 210″
inurl:indexFrame.shtml Axis
intitle:start inurl:cgistart
intitle:”WJ-NT104 Main Page”
intext:”MOBOTIX M1″ intext:”Open Menu”
intext:”MOBOTIX M10″ intext:”Open Menu”
intext:”MOBOTIX D10″ intext:”Open Menu”
intitle:snc-z20 inurl:home/
intitle:snc-cs3 inurl:home/
intitle:snc-rz30 inurl:home/
intitle:”sony network camera snc-p1″
intitle:”sony network camera snc-m1″
intitle:”Toshiba Network Camera” user login
intitle:”netcam live image”
intitle:”i-Catcher Console - Web Monitor”


woensdag 26 september 2007

Anne Sophie Pic élue Chef de l'année!

She is world famous for a long time, as her dad, and her grant father too, but still it is quite remarkable that she has now been rewarded the honorable title of "best cook" in the world.

Finally a woman that _really_ belongs in the kitchen!

g00d idea for a movie :D

So you are having one of those days that you think you're untouchable and feel comfortable in your own space and time. You dress 'different' or you act 'different' thinking this will remain here and now and nobody will ever confront you with it.

And you're wrong! There is this one cam of this one person that captures your moment of 'oddness' and [s]he puts it on the biggest display of the world: the Internet.

And now you're here. Staring at yourself with a gun in your hand...

Let's make a movie out of that!

dinsdag 25 september 2007

I love backward countries!

26.03.2007 16:52 - P r and h and - Three times will Prague examine courting with international Olympic collection. Previous two advances arrange games are over always inglorious. A how go in for Twentieth Century typical, capital you-break teeth among others on policy. Historian sport and Olympic motion Francis wheelwright prove this story, which he began write at the end 19. century, tell very attractive.
“in the year 1896 returned George Guth-Jarkovsky, one from twelve founder Olympic of the board, from her in Athens. The experience him thrilled. Saw there everywhere bunting, national pride and subaudi, do you st. of that kind would can help and Czech,” begins paint beginning Olympic anabaze wheelwright.Whole Jarkovskeho plan below password “isn’t important take part in , but win” he began put on concrete outlines, when in the year 1919 became a secretary-general international Olympic of the board. “”no other Czech it so high up ,” remind of wheelwright.

Thanks , do you big propagator sport became a top marshal president Tomáše Garrigua Masaryka, go everything like after steel wool.

“Jarkovsky prove altogether easily persuade then foreign minister Edvarda Beneše, do you Olympic Games is able to first-rate advertise emergent Czechoslovakia abroad,” explains like pragmatic enthusiasm Gutha-Jarkovskeho.
Paris had Olympic Games, Prague only big congress

Struggle for summer Olympic games 1924 he began. Then – already was almost rotten, do you really break out. But to the events hit friendship Czech Gutha Jarkovského and founder Olympic cogitations, baron Pierra de Coubertina. “”explained him, do you already him there is a draught on sixty times, do you already is it elder statesman and he would like with Olympic Games disjoin at home, in Paris,” summarises Coubertins case wheelwright. When the in addition baron passed on table profitable offers, namely arrange in Prague in the year 1925 big Olympic congress, Guth-Jarkovsky agreed.

“strike a bargain. It nor wasn’t other way out, after economic crisis support games espressivo grown cold,” after-concerning historian Czech olympismu.

Capital Czechoslovakia so in the end nor officially dont interest in games.

“nevertheless is in statistics international Olympic of the board state, do you at that time Prague about games make an effort. At that time indeed cities about Olympic Games escape in quite a different way,” point head Czech Olympic of the board Milan Jirásek on reality, do you earlier was everything less official – cities didn’t have to serve apply for nor argue, do you on distribution Olympic Games have money.

At which time Prague begun peep at peas in years 1932 and 1936. “”but while before for action inspire with politicians and people, in thirtieth years nobody after peas doesnt want. Whole it go out taperingly,” says Francis wheelwright.

After wars solve Czechoslovakia other problems and on distribution her didn’t have cogitations. A nor money.

Change come in the year 1967, when to the armchair head Czech Olympic of the board sit down professor Emanuel Bosák. “”big functionary, but so similar lunatic, like used to be at the turn of 19. and 20. century Joseph Rossler Oøovský,” gloss Bosaka wheelwright.
When the about games fight Czechs and Soviet
Bosak arbitrated, that in 1980 will treat Olympic Games Prague. Things swoop properly – processed were preparatory study, money had give to exchequer and friendly country socialistic block. A largely: supports have an idea and near companion in Soviet Union.

“unfortunately Soviet want to set right renown, which broke down occupation in the year 1968. Hereto throw thought Olympic her. Please as well as Hitler with Olympic Games in Berlin in the year 1936,” bend wheelwright shoulders above political shady dealings.
Metropolis stayed only hotel Olympic

Big neighbour Prague overprint and Czech backing her stay only eyes for cry.

“in spinning mill in Nejdku on Karlovarsku even people start popular collections on games. Is said when we are from personal money build national theatre, pay and Olympic Games,” come back historian enthusiasm, at what in Prague stay only memory: hotel Olympik, on then conditions genteel company.

Then set in metropolis Olympic silence, which a little comminute-vibrated focus high Tater about winter games.

Now about biggest sports action in the world speaks again. Believes Francis wheelwright, do you that sometimes do will? “”much would it wish. Meanwhile is but Olympic Games too gainful enterprise, before held just here,” cryes .


The original

maandag 24 september 2007

OS X it is coming to a computer near you!


It took a year longer then I anticipated, but now my fellow computer-job-related friends are moving to Apple, or better: to OSX.

While I've been not first but quick anyway, I found that the OS needs some additional and FREE tools that are indispensable:
With these installed I am happy for basic work. Then the fun starts!
And then some. Anyways, friends are moving over and of course it's the swiss that go first and fastest since the whole apple line is cheapest there, after the prices in the US.

zondag 23 september 2007


... kookte je vrouw zoals je moeder vroeger kookte...

Tegenwoordig zuipen ze zoals je vader ooit zoop.

Van: Toon[tje]

Voor Toon:

Jongens kom kijken, de wagen staat voor
De dieven worden weggereden
Dan zie je de stumperds, hun handen geboeid
Die soms niet het ergste deden
Soms is het een jongen, lang werkeloos
Die 't deed daar hij niets kon verdienen
Vaak zie je de moeders aan het station
Die stil in een hoekje staan grienen

Lach nooit, alsje die wagen ziet staan
Je kunt hen gerust wel betreuren
Denk maar alleen: wat hij heeft gedaan
Kan morgen mij ook gebeuren

Wat is het niet wreed als je loopt langs de straat
En overal zie je die weelde
Dan loop je te denken - hoe mooi rijk te zijn
Wat arm zijn wij dan toch, misdeelden
En als soms je kinderen vragen om brood
Je kunt hun ook dat niet eens geven
Dan steel je maar - want 't is voor je kind
Dat heeft toch het recht om te leven


't Is altijd geen dief die de wagen ingaat
En da's natuurlijk weer het mooie
Het zijn soms die jongens, die geen dienst willen doen
En die ze de nor maar in gooien
Maar hij die vermoordt - en geld heeft, zo'n ploert
Hem wordt steeds die schande vermeden
Hij wordt echter niet met die wagen vervoerd
Maar in z'n eigen auto gereden


vrijdag 21 september 2007

The Tenth Jew

Torrents of rain beat down on his face, but the tempest did not prevent chassidic master Rabbi Leib Sarah's from reaching the village. It was only several hours before the beginning of Yom Kippur. He was some distance from his intended destination, but he was relieved to learn that in this village too there would be a minyan (quorum of ten) with which to pray--eight local villagers would be joined by two men who lived in the nearby forest.

Rabbi Leib immersed himself in the purifying waters of a river which ran by the village in preparation for the holy day, ate the meal which precedes the fast, and hastened to be the first in the little wooden synagogue. There he settled down to recite the various private devotions with which he was accustomed to inaugurate the Day of Atonement.

For a few long, long moments they stood in silence face to face, the tzaddik and the apostate... One by one the eight local villagers arrived in time to hear the words of Kol Nidrei. Together with Rabbi Leib there were now nine. But there was no minyan, for it transpired that the two Jewish foresters had been imprisoned on some malicious libel.

"Perhaps we could find just one more Jew living around these parts?" asked Rabbi Leib.

"No." the villagers all assured him, "there's only us."

"Perhaps," he persisted, "there lives here some Jew who converted out of the faith of his fathers?"

The villagers were shocked to hear such an odd question from the stranger. They looked upon him quizzically.

"The doors of repentance are not locked even in the face of an apostate," Rabbi Leib continued. "I have heard from my teachers that even when one poles about in the ashes one can light upon a spark of fire..."

One of the villagers now spoke up.

"There is one apostate here," he ventured. "He is our paritz, the squire who owns this whole village. But he has been sunk in sin for forty years now. You see, the gentile daughter of the previous squire fell in love with him. So her father promised him that if he converted and married the girl, he would make him his sole heir. He didn't withstand the temptation, so he did exactly that.... They had no children, and his wife died many years ago; he now lives alone in his great big house. He is a cruel master, and deals especially harshly with the Jews on his land."

"Show me his mansion," said Rabbi Leib.

He removed his tallit in a flash, and ran as fast as he could in the direction of the mansion, with his white skullcap on his head and his white kittel billowing in the wind. He knocked on the heavy door, opened it without waiting for a response, and found himself confronting the squire. For a few long, long moments they stood in silence face to face, the tzaddik and the apostate. The latter's first thought was to summon one of his henchmen to seize the uninvited intruder and hurl him into the dungeon in the back yard. But the luminous countenance and the penetrating eyes of the tzaddik softened his heart.

"My name is Leib Sarah's," began the visitor. "It was my privilege to know Rabbi Israel, the Baal Shem Tov, who was admired also by the gentile noblemen. From his mouth I once heard that every Jew should utter the sort of prayer that was first said by King David: 'Save me, O Lord, from blood-guilt.' But the word used for 'blood' (damim) can also be translated as 'money.' So my teacher expounded the verse as follows: 'Save me, so that I should never regard money as my Lord...'

"Now my mother, whose name was Sarah, was a holy woman. One day the son of one of the local gentry took it into his head to marry her, and promised her wealth and status if she would agree, but she sanctified the name of Israel. In order to save herself from that villain she quickly got married to an old Jewish pauper who was a schoolteacher. You did not have the good fortune to withstand the test, and for silver and gold you were willing to betray your faith. Realize, though, that there is nothing that can stand in the way of repentance. Moreover, there are those who in one hour earn their portion in the world to Come. Now is that hour! Today is the eve of Yom Kippur. The sun will soon set. The Jews who live in your village are short one man to make up a minyan. Come along now with me, and be the tenth man. For the Torah tells us: 'The tenth shall be holy unto G-d.'"

"By the sanction of the Almighty, and by the sanction of the congregation, we declare it permissible to pray together with those who have sinned..." The squire paled at the words spoken by this white-clothed man with the singular face. And meanwhile, down the road, the eight local villagers waited in shul, huddled together in frozen dread. Who could tell what calamity this odd stranger was about to bring down upon their heads?

The door burst open, and in rushed Rabbi Leib, followed closely by the paritz. The latter's gaze was downcast, and his eyelashes were heavy with tears. At a sign from Rabbi Leib, one of the villagers handed the apostate a tallit. He enveloped himself in it, covering his head and face entirely. Rabbi Leib now stepped forward to the Holy Ark, and took out two scrolls of the Torah. One he gave to the oldest villager present, and the other--to the paritz. Between them at the bimah stood Rabbi Leib, and he began to solemnly chant the traditional opening lines of the Kol Nidrei prayer: "By the sanction of the Almighty, and by the sanction of the congregation, ...we declare it permissible to pray together with those who have sinned...."

A deep sigh broke forth from the depths of the broken man's heart. No man there could stand unmoved, and they all wept with him. Throughout all the prayers of the evening, and from dawn of the next day right until nightfall, the paritz stood in prayer, humbled and contrite. And as his sobs shook his whole body as he recited the confession, the other nine shuddered with him.

At the climax of the Neilah service, when the congregation was about to utter together the words Shema Yisrael, the paritz leaned forward until his head was deep inside the Holy Ark, embraced the Torah Scrolls that stood there, and in a mighty voice that petrified those present cried out: "Hear, O Israel, the Lord our G-d, the Lord is One!" He then stood up straight, and began to declare with all his might: "The Lord is G-d!" With each repetition his voice grew louder. Finally, as he cried it out for the seventh time, his soul flew from his body.

That same night they brought the remains of the paritz to burial in the nearby town. Rabbi Leib himself took part in the purification and preparation of the body for burial, and for the rest of his life observed the yahrzeit of this penitent every Yom Kippur by saying kaddish for the elevation of his soul.

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Zaro: May G*d make you like Efrayim and Menashe.
Tosca, Edna & Gioia: May G*d make you like Sarah, Rivkah, Rachel, and Leah.

dinsdag 18 september 2007

Full body scan

Always wanted to see through my clothing?



laat eens een keer uw oksels zien
een blote knieholte
een voetzool en plein public
en trek dat gebit een keertje uit
tijdens de verkiezing van Miss Anorex moeten 9 van 10 finalisten helaas afvallen
neem me niet kwalijk dat ik sorry zei
een op de groei gekocht minirokje
neergeslagen blauwe ogen
geheugens zijn niet slecht
in buikslotervaart diarree gekregen
naar ogenblikken kijken
met hart en ziel
huid en haar
eelt vervelen
Emma Klage

maandag 17 september 2007

What a dumb fuck!

“A special thanks to Jay Maris, for circumventing there entire email-security by forwarding all your emails to your gmail account”

Read all about it

Results 1 - 44 of 44 for "Jay Maris". (0.25 seconds)

That's gonna hit a million soon now :P

Results 1 - 47 of 47 for "Jay Maris". (0.21 seconds)
2007-09-19 Results 1 - 68 of 68 for "Jay Maris". (0.45 seconds)
2007-09-26 Results 1 - 100 of about 880 for "Jay Maris". (0.21 seconds)

2007-09-17 Results 1 - 38 of 38 for "Jay Mairs"." (0.05 seconds)
2007-09-19 Results 1 - 38 of 38 for "Jay Mairs". (0.42 seconds)
2007-09-26 Results 1 - 100 of about 11,200 for "Jay Mairs". (0.21 seconds)

2007-10-10 Results 1 - 100 of about 1,020 for "Jay Maris". (0.25 seconds)
2007-10-10 Results 1 - 100 of about 25,700 for "Jay Mairs". (0.16 seconds)

2007-10-29 Results 1 - 100 of about 1,070 for "Jay Maris". (0.50 seconds)
2007-10-29 Results 1 - 100 of about 22,800 for "Jay Mairs". (0.24 seconds)

vrijdag 14 september 2007


So there we are, working on the cutting edge. Hiding information.

Good thing that it has been thought of before, long time before...

donderdag 13 september 2007

I have a dream!

Welcome To The Tinhead-Proof Free Unlock Guide (OS X)

First of All, A Big Fat thanks goes to the iPhone dev team. Class A engineering team IMHO.

The following tutorial is not a general tutorial that will work for everyone. It is rather a documentation of my unlock process. It worked for me from the first time, and I got no errors whatsoever along the way *knocks on wood*. Some guys asked me to do a write up, so here it is. In this tutorial some instructions are copied verbatim from other guides (the guide from forum member jprooney, and I am not claiming everything below is written by me. I used some instructions from different tutorials to do my unlock, and this guide is rather a mixed bag of these guides.

About my iPhone: Before doing the unlock, my iPhone was already jailbroken, activated, and youTube was working. I used a powerbook and it took me around 40 mins from start to finish to get have my iPhone unlocked and working on o2 in Germany. I have tested Calls in/out, SMS in/out. youTube works too.

Now let's get started...

- Keep the phone docked and connected to some power source. We don't want to run out of battery mid-unlocking.
- Remove any SIM cards in the tray.
- Make sure you have firmware 1.0.2 on the iPhone.
- Avoid iTunes 7.4. This tutorial assumes you use 3.7.
- Make sure iTunes and iTunesHelper are not running.
- Disable auto-lock on the iPhone. You can do this by going to Settings>General>Auto-Lock>NEVER.
- Set the iPhone IP address to static. You can do this by going to Settings->WiFi>Select network>static. Make note of your IP address at that point too.

Unlock Preparations:
- Jailbreak and Activate your iPhone using iNdepedance.
- Install SSH using iNdepdance. Change the password afterwards.
- Download and install V 2.4 from here. Installing it is dead simple. Download it and run the installer. It will guide you through the process.
- After installation, a new icon will appear on home screen of the iPhone called "installer".
- Tap on the installer icon. Select the "update" tab and install the update v2.6.
- Go to the "install" tab and install the BSD subsystem. This is not instant, it will take a few mins so don't panic and do anything stupid.
- Reboot the iPhone.

- Download the unlock files. I didn't use all the included files. Only 5 of them.
- Open Cyberduck or Fugu and connect to the iPhone. Do that by filling in the IP address, username (root), and password (same as that of SSH).
- Use it to Copy 5 files from your computer to /usr/bin directory on the iPhone. These files are: iUnlock, ICE03.14.08_G.fls, nor, minicom, bbupdater.
- On the iPhone, browse to /usr and create a new directory called local. Go into local and create another directory called etc.
- After you are finished, the directory structure /usr/local/etc should be present.
- Close Cyberduck/Fugu.

- Open Terminal (applications/utilities or just use spotlight to find it).
- SSH into the iPhone. it is time to do the serious stuff. You can do that using the command ssh root@ipaddressoftheiphone. it will ask you for the password.
- If you enter the password correctly, you will be presented by the sign #, indicating you are now in the iPhone command-line.

- Type cd /usr/bin.
- Note: One thing to note about typing in commands in the shell: You can auto-complete command names and file names by hitting tab. Using it is good because you can avoid any typos and type in commands much faster.

- Type chmod +x bbupdater hit enter. Note: after hitting enter, you should get no result, It means it is successful. It will go back to # sign.
- Type chmod +x iUnlock hit enter.
- Type chmod +x minicom hit enter.

- Type launchctl unload -w /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/ . Hint: Use tab to auto-complete.
- Note: When you hit enter, you will notice on the iPhone screen at the part that previously said "No SIM" will now display "--". You have now just turned off the baseband. Nice!

- Now, we arrive at the most time-consuming part of the unlocking. It will take around 20 minutes (yes, it is that slow). Before you run that command makes sure that your iPhone is properly charged. Type in iUnlock ICE03.14.08_G.fls nor

- The first thing you will see is "sending erase command" then it will start displaying a double digit number, starting "00". This is like a progress bar, it will start advancing as the task is being completed by scrolling down the screen.

- After it is done, the last word you will see from running the command as an output is "Enjoy". This indicates the command finished successfully.

- To confirm that it went well type in bbupdater -v . Look for xgendata somewhere in the ouputs - if you find it, it means it was succsessful.

- Type in minicom -s hit enter.

- Select Serial port setup (with your down arrow key) then press enter/return.
- At the next screen, type: A
- Your cursor will now be at the Serial Device line. Type: /dev/tty.baseband Then press enter/return.
- Press the escape key. Select Save setup as dfl and press enter/return. You will get a pop up message saying Configuration Saved.
- Select Exit. Then press enter/return.
- Type in AT hit enter. You should get OK for response.
- Type in AT+CLCK="PN",0,"00000000" hit enter. You should get OK for response
- Type in AT+CLCK="PN",2 hit enter. You should get this for response +CLCK: 0 OK. if this is the case your iPhone is unlocked.

- You are almost done. Remember the command you entered early on to disable the baseband. Well, now it is time to re-enable it.

- Type in the command launchctl load -w /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/

Now, you are done. Put in your SIM card and reboot. If everything went fine you should see something like this.


woensdag 12 september 2007

Shana Toffa!

To all my friends and family in the diaspora & in Ha'Aretz:

Shana Toffa!

AAN- niet IN-vullen

Aldus sprak Anja.

dinsdag 11 september 2007

A friend comes over...

... from Switzerland to visit the event for Content .... Creation Management Delivery and you have dinner out of the fabules hands of a good cook|friend and you talk about the last 12 years that you have known each other.

About the first time you met, about your woman who is the oldest friend of your friends wife. About the video movie you made of their wedding, as a gift. Of the moments where over 12 different nationalities wish you, the viewer, a happy new year in their native tongue. Of the moments that, his now ex-wife, walked out of the Aare and looked like the most fertile woman ever.

About the 2 lovely kids that came out of the marriage, about the mother & father in law.

For short, about thinks old friends talk about.

Then the phone of your friend makes noise, "Excuse me, that will be my girlfriend" he says. But it is not, it is an SMS. From his ex [the river lady] saying "My father just died, it is very sad"

The freshly shot rabbit, the excellent Dutch Bleu de Wolvega, the "dutch esspresso, the Calvados, every thing loses it's taste instantly.

Memories flash, tears swell, time passes and he has to get back to the hotel.

You, you stay a little in the small bar of the restaurant. Talk to some friends, try to get your head around what just happened. Trying to explain to people you know only a year or so, what just happened to people from your past, in a country far away. That does not work, but at least their conversation change makes your head a little less over heated. So one more drink for the road!

In walks Ron Beton, the massive guy who has been to hell and back with his work and his crazy ideas. The one who hunts, who has a wife a far country, who has lived all over the place, who only drinks once a month but then for 48 hours, the one who can tell stories that are good enough to entertain a whole stadium, well a full bar anyway.

But today he looks... tired. So you ask him what made him tired, and he answers: "My father just died 4 hours ago"

More death, more drinks, more tears, more stories, more L'chaim!

maandag 10 september 2007

So you devorce...

...and learn to live with the [at first] horrible loneliness when going to bed, or worst, when waking up. After a steady relation of 12 odd years, things ain't easy, but you're dealing. Getting back in touch with the old friends you hardly had time for and all that jazz. Luckily there is no children involved, as both shared the idea that there are enough kids & bad things on this planet already.

Yes, reading the shared back account details sometimes hurts, specially when that is the way you find out your boyfriend booked his week skiing with the "smart & single club". Specially then, when he comes home and tells you he met someone else [No, really?].

But after 12 years, you and your mate are good friends no matter what so you make decent arrangements to separate:
- He moves in with the new love for the time being
- You stay at 'his old apartment' till yours is ready

So all is as good as it gets in old sad ville.

Till that evening you get home, turn on the light, see the answering machine message light blink and you instantly, like you've done for 12 years, push the button and hear your once mother-in-law chatter about how happy she is she will finally become grandmother...

vrijdag 7 september 2007

Pixels... enough == enough

When ever I use my phone, some person, mainly male, in his 30-40's will come up and ask "So how many pixels does that baby have?"

It does not matter if I use my phone [Ericcson K7501 ATM] or the work horse Kodac, it is always the first question. I will reply with the approximate number, they'll look for something else to ask, because they think it is inappropriate to comment the currently pathetic number. A number they used when our generation still had hair on their heads and not all over the rest of the body, but that is a different story.

2Mb, that is painful to them. Everybody has 5, 6 or even 10. Why on earth, they wonder, why does a person with some knowledge of Mb's, of IT, of technology in general and some cash in his pocket still uses that olt skool stuff?

Depending on my mood I ignore the implied pity or I will answer, and the answer is always the same: pixels do not matter.

Let me explain, I will beg them, and tell them, patiently and quietly, only if the subject of the picture is of no interest pixels matter. Since I picture subjects I like if not love only, my pictures always satisfy and please.

No matter how much M or G of pixels you toss at a stupid snapshot with ruined light and a fubared gouden-snee, of a subject one can not relate to it will never be good. But no matter how
low res the only picture of your loved one or that special moment is...

If pixels look the problem, the object is.

woensdag 5 september 2007

Truth is stranger then fiction...

... so you spend a good week in a lovely country, with very hospital people, you have the week of your life basically, for you have been dipped into a different culture and you've been shown aspects of live that you never thought possible.

You see happy people with one thing on their minds: marriage. For whatever cultural & personal reasons, they all have different reasons as to _why_ they marry, but one thing they share with you: a deep desire to structure their lives and have a partner that takes on this journey with you.

Aiming for the stars, or just basic survival: it does not matter, but together we are strong.

So after a full dose of positive indoctrination you feel that this common goal, this shared desire for partnership is actually exactly what you are looking for, and guess what: you have the one person you want to do this with right at home!

Desire is growing! Obstacles are dwindling! Problems are disappearing! Limits are vaporizing! You know what??? You decide to propose!!!

First thing after touchdown, after getting home safely, after not sleeping while traveling, after 7 consecutive days of major new impressions and all the details you have learned about live in an other culture, in an other country, meeting so many kind an new people... First thing you are going to do is to propose to formalize the 4 year long relation and make her your wife!

It is an exiting prospect. Your own little princess, the love of your live, the one who you have had the pleasure to go through so much shiiit and so much good together, that woman you will now bless with your official and public commitment for good times & bad, till death due us part.

Ain't that romantic? Can you picture him, standing on a kick arse yacht, in the middle of the Turkish sea, in the middle of the world famous 12 islands, with good & new friends around him, coming to the conclusion that his love is actually waiting for him at home, right under his nose for so many years?

So, touch down of flight YH1244 at 10:23 local time. A quick smoke, the train to Amsterdam, get yourself a croissant & some milk [you need to eat something before kissing her!], buy a long strippenkaart, get on tram 17, say goodbye to your travel companion, from utter nerves get of the tram a stop too early, walk home, open the door... and there is a note.

A note saying: My love, I am currently at school, have canceled all appointments for this afternoon, let's have a _great_ night together ok?

So you sit and wait...

Then there is the releasing footsteps on the stairs! Softly, like only she walks! She knocks on the front door, softly, this smells like a surprise! You open the door, and there she is!


Saying "I can't take it anymore"

Saying "The week without you was so much fun, I realized I am too young to live with you."

Saying: "While you where gone..."

Never mind the gory details. She gone now and the proposal was DOA.

zondag 2 september 2007

Dus nu is het Zondag

Dus nu is het Zondag: de trouwerij voorbij, het echtpaar gelukkig en voor eeuwig samen.

Het is wel een enorm feest geweest. Drie dagen van hot naar haar, van links naar rechts, van eten naar dansen, en weer terug. Roerige dagen, met de mogelijkheid voor ons om eens heel diep te kijken in een echt Turks huwelijk, een huwelijk tussen twee mensen uit twee verschillende plaatsen met verschillende achtergronden, gewoontes en tradities.

Donderdagavond bleek, achteraf, een kort en informeel eten te zijn, thuis bij de bruid.

Vrijdag avond vond het weer plaats bij de bruid, begon met een veel uitgebreider eten dat even apdrupt als snel word afgebroken & onderbroken als altijd, en dat werd gevolgt door een 'informele & lokale' ceremonie waarbij er 200 buurdbewoners zich verzamelen, er handen met henna beschilderd worden en er veel gedanst werd. Terug met 6 man in 1 taxi, en ja: dat past wel :P

We hebben veel mooie, vrouwen vooral, zien dansen met verleidelijke diepe, oosterse ogen en heerlijk schuddende borsten en billen. Vooral de ogen zullen me bijbllijven en doen zwermen van 1000 & 1 nacht verhalen en vermoedens.

Op Zaterdag hebben we met de bruidegom eigenlijk de hele dag lekker relaxed kunnen praten. Het was de eerste dag dat hij echt een beetje relaxed was. Het is geweldig om zijn kant van het verhaal over de onderlingen afspraken, de verhoudingen, de achtergronden van de gasten en allerlei details over de on- & getrouwde vrouwen op het feest van Vrijdag te horen :D

's Avonds om een uur of 6 begint voor het koppel de serie van on afgebroken 'verplichtingen':
- fotoos maken
- gasten ontvangen
- vertrekken per auto [bestuurt door haar broer, en dus te laat, volgens de gom]
- groots terug komen per boot. Romanties over de rivier met een turks orkestje en dan samen dansen [dat wil ik ook!]
- 'Ja, ja, jaaaaaaaaaaaa, JA' brullen de mannen bij aankomst van het echtpaar, 'li li li li li' antwoorden de vrouwen in koor
- dansen voor de gasten, die zich enmasse aansluiten, mannen & vrouwen, jong & oud [super! iedereen danst met iedereen!]
- de eerste gang wordt geserveerd
- het officiele huwelijk wordt voltrokken, de ringen wisselen van rechts naar links
- meer 'ja, ja, jaaaaaaaaaaaa, JA' & 'li li li li li'
- dansen, meer dansen!
- meer eten!
- meer fotoos
- kadoos geven! 'Natuurlijk' horen wij bij de belangenrijke mensen en komen dus tussen de familie te staan en overhandigen samen het armbandje dat we 's middags gekocht hebben, vast gelegt op video & foto [dat gebeurt met alle sieraden en met al het geld, belangenrijk voor later..]
- meer dansen en heerlijk zwierende vrouwen, vrolijk dansende mannen en twee stuntelende nederlanders bekijken
- taart snijden
- meer kadoos ontvangen [de rest van de 400 mensen nu]
- afscheid nemen
- meer fotoos met belangenrijke mensen
- echt weggaan
- de bruid levert al haar goud in, de bruidegom wordt hard op zijn rug geslagen door zijn vrienden bij het binnengaan van de suite :P

Daarna begon er weer iets heel moois: de mannen en vrouwen die in het hotel verblijven, jong en oud, grijpen hun zwemkleding en duiken een uurtje in het zwembad, om af te koelen en om alles lekker rustig nog eens door te spreken: een geweldige ervaring. De oudere mensen zijn zo lief en proberen zo hard om Engels, Duits & Frans te spreken, hartverwarmend is het. Moestafa pakt zijn 'theetas' en gaat live voor zijn publiek op een campinggasstel thee & turkse koffie maken en natuulijk mag de baklava uit Gasiantep niet ontbreken :D

Twee uur later is het over: als op commando pakt iedereen tegelijk zijn spullen en gaat naar bed. Eric & ik blijven verbaast, voldaan & onderste boven van zoveel mooie momenten, achter. Om 4 uur gaan we ook naar bed en dromen onrustig. Het verwerken van zoveel indrukken, nieuwe ervaringen, prachtige intermenselijke verhoudingen en het besef dat we ons gelukkig mogen noemen om deze volstrekt unieke gebeurtenis te hebben mogen mee maken, is... speciaal.

Ik ben alles en iedereen dankbaar dat ik dit heb mogen mee maken.

Dalyan 36 50'50.97N 28 38'05.17E & Gaziantep 37 04'03.60N 37 22'39.68E