dinsdag 29 april 2014

Google ai recognizes cats, oh really?

So people at google are smart, and I mean really smart. Their goals are high, and I mean really high, moonshot high.

They've made|bought|tricked software able to actually come up with a cat, based on watching a million or 2, youtube movies. I dread to think what it could have come up with if it would have followed -my- youtube clicks...

Google invented and made and sells google glasses, currently a feat not just impressive but basically radically impressive.

Bought a thermostat company for 3 billion.

Bought a robot and a drone and a balloon company and is trying to reach new highs. I applaud that, [I applaud them mainly for google search and for gmail not for that monster google+ and not for killing google reader and google picasa!] but for having these wild dreams and actually putting there incredible resources into finding solutions for billions of people.

Thank you google. Thank you Larry, thank you engineers and early financial backers.

But why on earth would one spend a quatrillion dollars on the problems of tomorrow, where we, the billions of people that are customers of google and every single device they use, ARE SUFFERING FROM RIDICULES PROBLEMS LIKE SSLHEARTBLEED?

How on earth is it possible that there is no AI|engineer|smartass that actually comes up with a something that can prevent|warn|find stupid little problems as 'a typo' or an illogic piece of computer code?

Apple's CVE-2014-1266 would have been identified if only the right parameters would have been giving to the compiler.

Try that again: the whole problem of apple's double goto would have been AUTOMATICALLY DETECTED if the code was compile ONLY ONCE, with the proper compiler argument.

We're under constant attack by governments and maffia a like and the smartest company on earth is teaching cars to drive autonomous and simply ignores the most fundamental problem:

computercode that does what it is supposed to do.