zaterdag 28 juli 2007


You either love it or hate it, fact is: it pays the bills, but one has to wonder how many people actually use this... stuff.

LACP ERROR vlacpRxFrame: Incorrect PDU
fwhandle_get(fwacct.c:1258): Table kbufs - Null handle requested
DCRP: Tx Request-Participation-State to
SNMP INFO Vrrp State Transition Trap
Continuous tmux history error
WARNING: CFGD_011 : Lost connection to the SSI subsystem.
apcupsd: apcupsd shutdown failed
hcd: CRITICAL: HCD_012 : Health report is not received from host x.x.x.x, error : Not able to connect to remote host
hcd: ERROR: HCD_013 : Exception Error:No Health report from the cluster member [can't open SSI at localhost]

How come these 'messages' are no where to be found on the net?

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