woensdag 22 augustus 2007

#$%% YOU APPLE, #$%%!!!!

Most certainly I heard it right, when the iPhone was introduced:

"In June in the states, later 2007 in Europe."

So I waited, and waited, and followed all the unlocking adventures, ranging from the DVD Jon crippled [no phone] iActivator to the [illegal] Turbosim tricks. I read and talked, I hoped and waited for I knew: Only a couple of weeks, months maybe, and I will have my real, own, legal iPhone with over paid subscription.

I did NOT extent my current [three to be precise] mobile subscriptions, for I was waiting for the legit iPhone offerings here in Holland. Since Holland is located in Europe, and I saw Steve J tell us that it would be available "late 2007 in Europe".

But it ain't.

According to the FT, Europe is France, Germany & England. The rest of the richest part of the world will have to wait till next year.

Well I say: that is the worst piece of expectation management I have ever seen Apple pull. As a matter of fact I am so angry right now that my ProBook & my iMac better avoid me for sometime, and I will not buy the AppleTV either.

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