dinsdag 30 oktober 2007

Loosing 2 friends in one go

he: hey. how've you been?
me: good. VERY good. yourself?
he: glad to hear. not doing well actually. but would probably be fine in time
he: installed Leopard yet?
me: what is wrong on your end? Why are you not doing so well? And no, leopard has to wait a little: My head is full of other stuff ATM
he: lost two close friends last night
he: yeah, was a very productive evening
me: OMG*d what happened?
he: on the one side, completely lost whatever was there with SHE-1
he: i decided to finally speak to her about SHE-2 and the history there as i felt she needed to know. returning the favor as she tells me everything. not appreciated as apparently I've betrayed her in not telling her about the history etc earlier on
me: duh
he: we have spoken about SHE-2, but not in detail
me: Oh #@$%#... I am so sorry to hear this
he: anyway. so that's pretty fucked, then at the same time, i completely lost contact with SHE-2 too. i was trying to get a bit more distance and i got exactly that: distance
me: ... I do not know what to say.
he: nothing to say. I'm a fucking idiot, i know.
me: how on earth could you tell SHE-1 about you and SHE-2? What was your thought behind it?
he: well, SHE-1 needed to know. and me and SHE-2 are no more.
me: SHE-2 <> just another EX, and you know it, and SHE-1 feels it.
he: the thing is that SHE-1 knew little bits and was waiting for me to actually speak to her about it. when i got around to it, it went very wrong. SHE-2 knew it too. for some time already. was actually part of her decision actually
me: but you said a little too much, it seems
he: seems so
me: so... how's you gonna make up?
he: so in either of the cases, I'm the bastard. well, it seems pretty fucked up and she's very clear as to what her idea is at the moment. she has to be "consequent". her word. for her, everything comes down to being consequent.
me: that should have made your position simple. At least clear.
he: as i didn't tell her everything earlier SHE-1 feels betrayed because the did. hence, we are not aligned and SHE-1 needs to take a step back
me: you should have sticked to the original "what ever you did or did not say" story. Always do.
he: hmm?
me: THAT is being consequent. you "changed" the story on her, and that SHE-1 does not like. People never like that.
he: change what story?
me: the story on SHE-2
he: hmm, the thing is that i need to feel comfortable with the person in order to tell them everything the probably should know. hence it took me time to get to that point. anyway, i don't know
me: you never tell anybody everything it is just not fair.
he: i didn't tell her everything. just what she needed to know
me: well... SHE-1 seems to think differently about the "need to know" definition
he: clearly [slant]
me: duh. man. damn! damn, double damn!
he: was really not feeling well last night as basically i had a really hard conversation with SHE-2 just before i got to SHE-1
me: and you still got time to form an opinion about Leopard? Seems you RL is as busy as mine...
he: leopard is okay actually. my RL is pretty fucked up actually. seriously wish i could just be swallowed whole
me: I need to go AFK for an hour or two. I'll be back later. Hopefully you will like to hear my love story too [tongue]
he: later [smile]

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