donderdag 1 mei 2008

Maltego v2 - is ready!

Oh boy I am so exited!

Get it at:


After 15 months of work Maltego version 2.0 is ready. It's been a long and interesting road. Many of you have seen the product grow from beta 1 to beta 2, then KZ3 and JS1. I've shared with you the challenges, the ups and downs. Finally, today, I am happy to release version 2.0.
Version 2.0 is commercial and I feel it's got the right be commercial because it's by far the coolest and most useful application I've ever used (OK so perhaps I am just slightly biased). As I've mentioned before - it goes live to this list first. Everything is set up, but not linked to the main site. I will link it on Monday.

Also - as promised - a list of new features/improvements:

* Load/Save of entire graphs means you can always go back to your investigation.
* Printing of graphs (over multiple pages)
* Export of entities (CSV format) makes it easy to import Maltego data into other databases.
* Commercial grade layout library:
o The layout and navigation have been optimized for speed and usability.
o Four layout types to rearrange data the way YOU want it.
o Two view types for finding relevant info on large graphs.
* More entities and 20 brand new transforms for even deeper searches and more information.
* Search/Find (on entity value, detailed info and additional fields) helps you to get to key nodes quicker.
* Multiple open graphs on different tabs for easy switching between graphs.
* Dedicated clear-all, zoom buttons for notebook users.
* Hollywood quality look & feel will impress your friends and your boss.
* Integrated help on transforms and entities to increase your learning curve.
* Complete user guide ensures you are never lost.
* Prepopulated and preconfigured transforms and transform sets saves you time.
* Population of API key integrated with license key so it’s never lost.
* Platform independent installer means you can install it anywhere.

If you want to see what it looks like before making a commitment you should look at the user guide and the screen shots. You should also read the system requirements.

The documentation can be found at

Enjoy responsibly,

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