dinsdag 24 juni 2008

I should have...

...written about our first meeting, where you said "Vroeger was ik een lekker stuk" and I took a photo of your legs that looked good, not to say great.

I should have written about the conversations we had.

I should have written about the nail biting, before and during the football game.

I should have because the moments mattered to me.

I should have because now they took you, after your screaming alarmed the neighbor, after your neighbor alarmed the police, after the police kicked in the door, after the police warned the ambulance, after the ambulance took you away, after the police took your cellphone, after the doctors called that after the first operation they saw little hope, and after I tried to contact your daughter, and after the second call from the doctors who said there was little hope and after that I found your daughter was informed... but all was too late.

All was too late, but disaster, 'cause it was too early. It should not have been.

Kiek, I should have...

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