woensdag 11 maart 2009

Dutch Chocolate == drop

For years I have been an addict and huge fan of the best chocolates in the world that are locally produced and sold in... Amsterdam. The company is called Puccini and has two shops. One conveniently located 5 minutes cycling from my home. Luckily the route to work does not take me past that shop so we have enough money left to buy real food too.

As I am on an assignment in Istanbul, I like to bring some 'typical' dutch presents with me to break the ice and compensate for all the presents and gifts I get from my colleagues when abroad. Stroopwafels are a safe bet, no matter where you go, as long as care is taken in warm climates in regards to transportation and the stains the syrup leaves.

Much to my surprise I was offered 'dutch chocolate' today while at the coffee break. For me, Dutch chocolate == Puccini. Nice! What an excellent start of the day!

Even more surprised I was when I found that the 'Dutch chocolate' was actually drop!

Drop makes me drool [Pavlof sends his greetings] but I am not that much a fan of it, but it is fun to see how not Dutch people react to it. Like haring, it is something you have to grow up with to like.

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