donderdag 9 april 2009

ING Internet payment site down again

ING is not doing too well, not to say bad. Lots of hocus pocus with your [and mine] money of the past couple of years have led to the current drama unfolding. This whole 'financial turmoil' might look far away from decent people's beds but it is not.

Since 2 hours the internet site for money transfers is not working, and greets you with "Welcome Null" what a great way to show your customer something 'technical' is wrong!

When I spoke to the helldesk for normal customers the lady told me there was a power issue in Amsterdam caused by the NUON. My [former] colleages told me the power issue is in Rotterdam and the IBM mainframes & access switches went of the radar about 2 hours ago.

The largest local newspaper quoted an ING spokesperson saying "We do not know what the issue is at the moment"

All of this is not so bad if the issue happened 'any other normal day' but ING's luck or mismanagement make things look extra scary since they released a press note stating they are dropping 10 of the 12 [!!!] business units not directly related to banking.

Killing the super successful no nonsense Postbank right in the middle of the financial crisis was a bad stroke of luck, but as so often, when things start going wrong, they go very wrong. I hope for you you have taken measures that the actions of the management of this bank will not affect you and your loved ones too bad, because more news is in the making...

And of course things that 'go wrong' can be hilarious too. Here rally champion sjeik Mohamed Bin Sulayem in the ING sponsored F1:

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