woensdag 21 april 2010

Typoos? It shuold be verboten!

Want to hide information in a sea of data? Try typoos.

From the RSS feed of Bruce Schneier I was pointed to an article about the nominated head the of US Cyber Command, Lt. Gen. Keith Alexander, the current Director of NSA. In a snipped of his 'job interview' there has slipped a typo that has been copied & pasted in to 9 sites indexed by google.

Google "both government and insustry to consider" [with quotes ofc] and get 9 hits [21st of april 2010 at 09:18 GMT].

Gotta love unique typoos for tracking information spread.

But what if the bad guys would do the same? Use some 'easy to remember but unlikely to make' spelling errors so their cells can easily find instructions?

Just like Steganography, this should be investigated and a lot of money poured into to keep the spy catchers happy & busy.