dinsdag 22 juli 2008

Geotagging iPhone gone bad :(

Great feature: geotagging the images taken with the iPhone [already the most Popular Cameraphone on Flickr].

Just imagion that you take photos during the holiday and all you need to do is dump them in, say, google earth and all pics are shown in the correct location. Right, that was the plan. Unfortunatly Apple made a couple of errors with the implementation, again.

The UIImagePicker application that is used when you email a photo from the iPhone, strips out the EXIF location data, DUH! iPhoto mutilates [strips the "Ref" tag] the EXIF geodata when resizing photos, DUH.

So what you get is third party apps that sort-of-help, like AirMe. It will upload the photo to Flickr and geotag it, but then you have to take the pic with AirMe and have NO geodata stored in the EXIF data of the photo at all, and that is bad.

Who knows, maybe if Apple would put a little less invain effort in the locking down of the iPhone they'd be able to get MMS working? Some more features in the camera? Geotagging stored correctly? How difficult is that? How come 17 year old's CAN do that but a multi bilion company can't?
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