dinsdag 29 juli 2008

Search and you will WHAT???

As much as I loved stumbling on google when it was starting up, as eager I have been finding even better engines.

It is amazing how difficult it is to build a better google. The latest attempt is called cuil and it too, fails.

I challance you to find anything. So far only the simplest of searches yields useable results. Like searching for linkedin actually gives www.linkedin.com as a first hit: well done. Searching for 'mokum von Amsterdam' give two pages of something I once posted on the Wired blog and that has been replicated 1.000 times on other sites: no link to this blog or anything usefull.

Try searching for 'ING bank' in google and in cuil. Tell me why on earth ING Poland & Timisoara show up in Cuil on page one? How on earth did these guys fill up their repository?

Altavista does better FFS! [as a matter of fact, altavista showed me a nice bar in Berlin I will visit next time around].

Lessons learned: stick to google, use altavista more often, wait till cuil grows up, if ever.

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