donderdag 28 augustus 2008

julie moult is an idiot... least, that is what google gives when you search for "julie moult". The lady apparently thought she understood the concept of google bombing enough to write about it and... well, it back fired.

There are plenty people who do not like her style, her subjects and even the newspaper she writes for and of course the community loves making a point.

As one blogger puts it: Julie Moult is an idiot. And we're here to let her know.
Stealer of images (from top fellow Beau Bo d'Or) and all-round Daily Mail Hackette, Julie needs a wee lesson in the art of Googlebombing...

Google gives about 330 for "julie moult" +idiot right now. Guess that will be many more soon.
Update [14-sept-2008] 43.000 for "julie moult" +idiot right now.
Update [14-dec-2008] about 2,440 for "julie moult" +idiot

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