zondag 24 augustus 2008

SATA Windows DVD ServicePacks :(

Since my last still standing PC is equipped with JMicron 363 SATA on board and SATA disks only, installing Windows is somewhat of a bitch since the last floppydrive left the house about 8 years ago.

XP is from the era that every machine still had a floppy drive so when you need to load an extra driver the only option you got is... supplying these drivers on a floppy.

Luckily there are more people who suffer from this handicapped feature and did something about it: nlite is the solution for XP. It enables one to easily make a slipstreamed XP image with added drivers [SATA comes to mind], Service Packs, patches, regional settings, XP key and much more.

Untill a week ago, I would rely on InfraRecorder [open source] to burn ISO's to CD's and DVD's but I noticed an issue with an ISO I had downloaded and tried to burn on a DVD: it was in CD format so the results where not what I expected. ImageBurn is much more advanced and able to convert CD format to DVD, on the fly. It does not get much easier then that.

So armed with a slipstreamed ISO, packed with SATA drivers, SP3 and then some, I booted the beast to be hit by various BSoD's... So that was my last attempt to have a pure window's machine.

Microsoft, it was good as long as it lasted but this is my final goodbye. I will still use your OS'es at times [for games & on dreaded corporate machines!] but I will not ever spend a cent on it again.

Vista might be lame to most, for me it is a bridge too far and something I am not even looking at.

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