vrijdag 3 oktober 2008

The challenges @ Dagobert Duck

Because my ties with a couple of people who work for @ at SURFnet, I accepted an invitation to do a presentation. The audience consists of mainly university students and technical employees of universities so the question was if I could share some light on the differences of working at really big companies.

I tried :P

The differences are so extreme that sometimes it seems as if our methods and challenges have no shared needs or issues. This is not true. We fight the same monsters, technically, we just have a different landscape.

Think of it like BF2 & CoD.

A fun day with some excellent content brought by very capable people so I am happy to say that these where 2 days well spend. Since this is a university environment, speakers where much more encouraged to give some juicy details, details you would normally not out with a mic in your face. The questions are of such relevance to the issues discussed and not aimed at getting quotable 'bedroom secrets' so many a PR person would feel uncomfertable with the intemicy of details exchanged.

Exectly the kind of details & environment I like and can actually use in my day to day job.

SURFnet at all: thank you!

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