woensdag 29 oktober 2008

Hip Istanbul, a hot view & good people.

So let's talk about the good stuff in Istanbul. The free people. The scene that has [a little more] money and knows where to go.

The evening started of at a friends place. He rents an apartment in the groovy district Cihangir. It has everything one could want from a [temporary] place. Lovely old paintings on the stairways, where the teeth of time have left there marks, the stains of water leaking and many a dent of all the people and goods going up and down in the never ending struggle for life and security.

The details in the apartment all tell a story or two. About the original intent and the good & the bad. The attempts to improve or to restore. All have left their traces.

Later that night I went to a place called 5.Kat [in English: the fifth floor]. What a lovely view! Great view over the Bosporus and an even better crowd. Then enters the owner: Yasemin Alkaya. She just to work as an actress and now runs one of the hottest bars|restaurants in town.

She cooks, waiters, hosts and entertains her guests with such ellegance and style that it was love at first sight for me. I will be back here, as often as I can.

Other places:
Sabahattin Fish!
Develi Kebab
Changa International
Ulus 29 see and be seen

With thanks to Erdal Gökyıldırım for his tips and comments :D

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