zondag 2 augustus 2009

Not found by google?

There are some queries that google has only one answer for, some are here.

"mokum's iphone" is one. In the [faint] hope that someone will once type "mokum's iPhone" in google after laying her|his hands on my phone and trying to find the original owner, now you got a change. Contact me and I am sure we will work out a deal that satisfies all involved parties.

Having said that, I would like a moment to thank Apple, GeoHot & the iPhone dev-team for letting me and many others use this amazing device, with any provider -I- like.

And another one, while messing with remote syslog on OSX:
syslogd 31783 FS_WRITE_DATA SBF /private/var/log/asl/StoreData
FS_WRITE_DATA SBF /private/var/log/asl/StoreData 13 (seatbelt)