vrijdag 28 maart 2008

In the end, Joe 6-pack decides...

More later.

"It's better to ask for forgivenes then to ask for permission" anon

"We do not want our _users_ to break the EULA" Roelof Temmingh

"We rely on the inteligence of our router to play nice. Even if we know hop 5 is not playing "nice" with our packets, there is nothing we can do but stop... that sounds like DoS to me" FX

"Nobody uses the latest version of IOS. It is "banana" software: it ships green, and after it lays a long time at the customer, it gets yellow and eatable :P"

"In 12.4 they create heap logs in the data section, since it has space after loading"

"Uncompressing data in READ ONLY memory & writing it back.. because we can!"

"A problem with IOS is that you can not find what was wrong 5 minutes ago, if the processes start behaving good again"

CIR is a cool tool under development.

"Law-full interception: the government snooping IOS, what do you know about it?"

"It enabled us to see if & what is wrong, or that we have plenty time to replace everything with Juniper boxes :D"

"Software that needs to parse large numbers of formats are potentialy dangerous [think AV, Indexing software, media players]"

"Media parsing should be done sandboxed"

"Media files|streams are as dangerous as any other zip file"

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