dinsdag 11 maart 2008

You might not know who is right, but you always know who is the boss

Today gotta be one of the blackest days of my live.

You know, one of those days that you anticipated, that you knew was coming, that was inevitable.

One of them days you had thought of, prepaired for, and applied "your worst case scenario solution book" to, a thousand times.

One of them days you saw coming, and you knew would bring hell on earth, but you live by the coercion or escalation domination doctrine.

The day that you would be as sharp as a raisor. Clean. Ready. Just. And most of all: do the right thing.

The day you'd have G*d on your side.

But then s|he took a day off and you tripped, of balance. And somehow things got really out of hand. You lost control over everything. You:

Used the wrong words.
Fcuked up the timing.
Lost the oversight.
Held the book upside down.
Wet your pants.

Today, march 11th, will go down in my history book as the day that was and should not have been.

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