zaterdag 29 maart 2008

People that change the way we persive the world.

Roelof Temmingh & Chris Böhme

Maltego, Maltego will change the [online] world as we know it. What google once did to searching Maltego will do to finding.

Currently all that is being shown & displayed is fast amounts of data: exactly the thing that computers like and do a good job with, but unusable for humans. Enters Maltego. Maltego will take a seed [individual's name, a domain name, email address, whatever] and finds related data, just like everybody and his dog does.

But then the 'post processing' starts, and Maltego will show it's muscle: based up some smart correlating and weighting, it will show you the results it found, in a graphical way, in a nice patern. In comes the thing we humans do good: patern regonision. We excel at seeing paterns and since Maltego excels at displaying it, we now have a man-machine combination.

Give me some time and I'll show you...

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