vrijdag 4 april 2008

But not without Manager 2.0

World 1.0 VS World 2.0
Knowledge sharing and learning is imposed additional work VS Knowledge sharing and social learning is a welcome natural part of people's everyday work

Work takes places behind closed doors VS Work takes place transparently where everyone can see it

IT Tools are imposed on people VS People select the tools that work best for them

People are controlled out of fear they will do wrong VS People are given freedom in return for accepting responsibility

Information is centralized, protected and controlled VS Information is distributed freely and uncontrolled

Publishing is centrally controlled VS Anyone can publish what they want

Context is stripped from information VS Context is retained in the form of stories

People think quietly alone VS People think out load together
People tend to write in the third person, in a professional voice VS People write in the first person in their own voice

People especially those in authority are closed to new ideas and new ways of working VS Everyone is open to new ideas

Information is pushed to people whether they have asked for it or not VS People decide the information they need and subscribe to it

The world is seen through a Newtonian cause and effect model VS The world is recognized to be complex and that different approaches are needed

Now all looks good and well in World 2.0. Everybody spimply changes from consumer to prosumer and takes an active role. Business as usual 2.0. Cool. But where does one find managers 2.0?

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