vrijdag 25 april 2008


Never mind those old and dusty religions, for get the olt skool printed stuff, do not bother with the 10 rules, forget about diet stuff, reincarnation is of the past, after life is obsolete.

What rules now is Googlology. It's religion on steroids. No need for G*d in heaven, no need for spirits in the sky. Googlology designs and runs it's own heaven, and it's name is 'The Cloud'

The cloud will take care of your data, no matter where you need it, it will be there. The cloud will provide your services with more computing power then it needs, and the some. The cloud will harbour your applications, your email, your videostream, your rants, your pictures, your secrets and your dates, your world, your drawings, your finances, your money, and a whole lot more.

And I should know, since I drink all the Google Gulp from a hose.

But what if the cloud, errr, sort of not does what the EULA sort of makes you believe? What if the lawyer@TheCould p0wnzers you? And your data? What if, insert-your-personaly-favorite-upper-being-here, strikes back and lets some unknown entity take control over, well, you, basically?

How does one secure the absolute power of the cloud? There are some very smart people talking about it but lots of discussion is still about the definition, much less about the consequences, let alone what it actually means or how to do it.

Do you want to be the one who turns of the light now that everybody has left the old arena, or will you participate in shaping the future?

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