dinsdag 8 april 2008

Ross Anderson: Security Engineering 2.0

At BlackHat, I had some pretty interesting discussions with FX and others, about how 'olt skool' simply breaking stuff is after you've done your share of pentesting & reverse engineering. How much more interesting it is to _secure_ stuff, one way _and_ the other. Because no matter what you do: things will break.

As a matter of fact, since most of us are working for clients and we sell our services, they too are better of when we do not 'just' display how things break, but how we make things break safely.

In that light, the interview my good friend [and smart B to boot] Craig Balding did with Mr. Ross Anderson about security engineering comes right on time. Enjoy.

It was brought to my attention that Amazon does some weird dating stuff. The book will be Released on April 14th, but they have one in stock now, if you order today you can have it delivered on the 9th of April... how's that for JIT!

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