vrijdag 7 september 2007

Pixels... enough == enough

When ever I use my phone, some person, mainly male, in his 30-40's will come up and ask "So how many pixels does that baby have?"

It does not matter if I use my phone [Ericcson K7501 ATM] or the work horse Kodac, it is always the first question. I will reply with the approximate number, they'll look for something else to ask, because they think it is inappropriate to comment the currently pathetic number. A number they used when our generation still had hair on their heads and not all over the rest of the body, but that is a different story.

2Mb, that is painful to them. Everybody has 5, 6 or even 10. Why on earth, they wonder, why does a person with some knowledge of Mb's, of IT, of technology in general and some cash in his pocket still uses that olt skool stuff?

Depending on my mood I ignore the implied pity or I will answer, and the answer is always the same: pixels do not matter.

Let me explain, I will beg them, and tell them, patiently and quietly, only if the subject of the picture is of no interest pixels matter. Since I picture subjects I like if not love only, my pictures always satisfy and please.

No matter how much M or G of pixels you toss at a stupid snapshot with ruined light and a fubared gouden-snee, of a subject one can not relate to it will never be good. But no matter how
low res the only picture of your loved one or that special moment is...

If pixels look the problem, the object is.

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