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I love backward countries!

26.03.2007 16:52 - P r and h and - Three times will Prague examine courting with international Olympic collection. Previous two advances arrange games are over always inglorious. A how go in for Twentieth Century typical, capital you-break teeth among others on policy. Historian sport and Olympic motion Francis wheelwright prove this story, which he began write at the end 19. century, tell very attractive.
“in the year 1896 returned George Guth-Jarkovsky, one from twelve founder Olympic of the board, from her in Athens. The experience him thrilled. Saw there everywhere bunting, national pride and subaudi, do you st. of that kind would can help and Czech,” begins paint beginning Olympic anabaze wheelwright.Whole Jarkovskeho plan below password “isn’t important take part in , but win” he began put on concrete outlines, when in the year 1919 became a secretary-general international Olympic of the board. “”no other Czech it so high up ,” remind of wheelwright.

Thanks , do you big propagator sport became a top marshal president Tomáše Garrigua Masaryka, go everything like after steel wool.

“Jarkovsky prove altogether easily persuade then foreign minister Edvarda Beneše, do you Olympic Games is able to first-rate advertise emergent Czechoslovakia abroad,” explains like pragmatic enthusiasm Gutha-Jarkovskeho.
Paris had Olympic Games, Prague only big congress

Struggle for summer Olympic games 1924 he began. Then – already was almost rotten, do you really break out. But to the events hit friendship Czech Gutha Jarkovského and founder Olympic cogitations, baron Pierra de Coubertina. “”explained him, do you already him there is a draught on sixty times, do you already is it elder statesman and he would like with Olympic Games disjoin at home, in Paris,” summarises Coubertins case wheelwright. When the in addition baron passed on table profitable offers, namely arrange in Prague in the year 1925 big Olympic congress, Guth-Jarkovsky agreed.

“strike a bargain. It nor wasn’t other way out, after economic crisis support games espressivo grown cold,” after-concerning historian Czech olympismu.

Capital Czechoslovakia so in the end nor officially dont interest in games.

“nevertheless is in statistics international Olympic of the board state, do you at that time Prague about games make an effort. At that time indeed cities about Olympic Games escape in quite a different way,” point head Czech Olympic of the board Milan Jirásek on reality, do you earlier was everything less official – cities didn’t have to serve apply for nor argue, do you on distribution Olympic Games have money.

At which time Prague begun peep at peas in years 1932 and 1936. “”but while before for action inspire with politicians and people, in thirtieth years nobody after peas doesnt want. Whole it go out taperingly,” says Francis wheelwright.

After wars solve Czechoslovakia other problems and on distribution her didn’t have cogitations. A nor money.

Change come in the year 1967, when to the armchair head Czech Olympic of the board sit down professor Emanuel Bosák. “”big functionary, but so similar lunatic, like used to be at the turn of 19. and 20. century Joseph Rossler Oøovský,” gloss Bosaka wheelwright.
When the about games fight Czechs and Soviet
Bosak arbitrated, that in 1980 will treat Olympic Games Prague. Things swoop properly – processed were preparatory study, money had give to exchequer and friendly country socialistic block. A largely: supports have an idea and near companion in Soviet Union.

“unfortunately Soviet want to set right renown, which broke down occupation in the year 1968. Hereto throw thought Olympic her. Please as well as Hitler with Olympic Games in Berlin in the year 1936,” bend wheelwright shoulders above political shady dealings.
Metropolis stayed only hotel Olympic

Big neighbour Prague overprint and Czech backing her stay only eyes for cry.

“in spinning mill in Nejdku on Karlovarsku even people start popular collections on games. Is said when we are from personal money build national theatre, pay and Olympic Games,” come back historian enthusiasm, at what in Prague stay only memory: hotel Olympik, on then conditions genteel company.

Then set in metropolis Olympic silence, which a little comminute-vibrated focus high Tater about winter games.

Now about biggest sports action in the world speaks again. Believes Francis wheelwright, do you that sometimes do will? “”much would it wish. Meanwhile is but Olympic Games too gainful enterprise, before held just here,” cryes .


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