woensdag 5 september 2007

Truth is stranger then fiction...

... so you spend a good week in a lovely country, with very hospital people, you have the week of your life basically, for you have been dipped into a different culture and you've been shown aspects of live that you never thought possible.

You see happy people with one thing on their minds: marriage. For whatever cultural & personal reasons, they all have different reasons as to _why_ they marry, but one thing they share with you: a deep desire to structure their lives and have a partner that takes on this journey with you.

Aiming for the stars, or just basic survival: it does not matter, but together we are strong.

So after a full dose of positive indoctrination you feel that this common goal, this shared desire for partnership is actually exactly what you are looking for, and guess what: you have the one person you want to do this with right at home!

Desire is growing! Obstacles are dwindling! Problems are disappearing! Limits are vaporizing! You know what??? You decide to propose!!!

First thing after touchdown, after getting home safely, after not sleeping while traveling, after 7 consecutive days of major new impressions and all the details you have learned about live in an other culture, in an other country, meeting so many kind an new people... First thing you are going to do is to propose to formalize the 4 year long relation and make her your wife!

It is an exiting prospect. Your own little princess, the love of your live, the one who you have had the pleasure to go through so much shiiit and so much good together, that woman you will now bless with your official and public commitment for good times & bad, till death due us part.

Ain't that romantic? Can you picture him, standing on a kick arse yacht, in the middle of the Turkish sea, in the middle of the world famous 12 islands, with good & new friends around him, coming to the conclusion that his love is actually waiting for him at home, right under his nose for so many years?

So, touch down of flight YH1244 at 10:23 local time. A quick smoke, the train to Amsterdam, get yourself a croissant & some milk [you need to eat something before kissing her!], buy a long strippenkaart, get on tram 17, say goodbye to your travel companion, from utter nerves get of the tram a stop too early, walk home, open the door... and there is a note.

A note saying: My love, I am currently at school, have canceled all appointments for this afternoon, let's have a _great_ night together ok?

So you sit and wait...

Then there is the releasing footsteps on the stairs! Softly, like only she walks! She knocks on the front door, softly, this smells like a surprise! You open the door, and there she is!


Saying "I can't take it anymore"

Saying "The week without you was so much fun, I realized I am too young to live with you."

Saying: "While you where gone..."

Never mind the gory details. She gone now and the proposal was DOA.

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