dinsdag 11 september 2007

A friend comes over...

... from Switzerland to visit the event for Content .... Creation Management Delivery and you have dinner out of the fabules hands of a good cook|friend and you talk about the last 12 years that you have known each other.

About the first time you met, about your woman who is the oldest friend of your friends wife. About the video movie you made of their wedding, as a gift. Of the moments where over 12 different nationalities wish you, the viewer, a happy new year in their native tongue. Of the moments that, his now ex-wife, walked out of the Aare and looked like the most fertile woman ever.

About the 2 lovely kids that came out of the marriage, about the mother & father in law.

For short, about thinks old friends talk about.

Then the phone of your friend makes noise, "Excuse me, that will be my girlfriend" he says. But it is not, it is an SMS. From his ex [the river lady] saying "My father just died, it is very sad"

The freshly shot rabbit, the excellent Dutch Bleu de Wolvega, the "dutch esspresso, the Calvados, every thing loses it's taste instantly.

Memories flash, tears swell, time passes and he has to get back to the hotel.

You, you stay a little in the small bar of the restaurant. Talk to some friends, try to get your head around what just happened. Trying to explain to people you know only a year or so, what just happened to people from your past, in a country far away. That does not work, but at least their conversation change makes your head a little less over heated. So one more drink for the road!

In walks Ron Beton, the massive guy who has been to hell and back with his work and his crazy ideas. The one who hunts, who has a wife a far country, who has lived all over the place, who only drinks once a month but then for 48 hours, the one who can tell stories that are good enough to entertain a whole stadium, well a full bar anyway.

But today he looks... tired. So you ask him what made him tired, and he answers: "My father just died 4 hours ago"

More death, more drinks, more tears, more stories, more L'chaim!

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