maandag 10 september 2007

So you devorce...

...and learn to live with the [at first] horrible loneliness when going to bed, or worst, when waking up. After a steady relation of 12 odd years, things ain't easy, but you're dealing. Getting back in touch with the old friends you hardly had time for and all that jazz. Luckily there is no children involved, as both shared the idea that there are enough kids & bad things on this planet already.

Yes, reading the shared back account details sometimes hurts, specially when that is the way you find out your boyfriend booked his week skiing with the "smart & single club". Specially then, when he comes home and tells you he met someone else [No, really?].

But after 12 years, you and your mate are good friends no matter what so you make decent arrangements to separate:
- He moves in with the new love for the time being
- You stay at 'his old apartment' till yours is ready

So all is as good as it gets in old sad ville.

Till that evening you get home, turn on the light, see the answering machine message light blink and you instantly, like you've done for 12 years, push the button and hear your once mother-in-law chatter about how happy she is she will finally become grandmother...

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